The Playcouples – A book in work

The Playcouples, a book in work by Robert McGinley

The social-sexual recreation known as swinging and the lifestyle has come a long way since the 1960s and continues to grow. The Playcouples, my book in work, offers stories of a number of the men and woman who by what they did and who they were made possible the lifestyle of today. When completed, you will read of John Raymond of the ASFM, John Poland and the SFL, Dr. Albert Freedman, former editor of Penthouse Forum, Ray Rhote and Holly, publishers of a number of swinger magazines, and Nena Roberts, Patti Thomas and their infamous boss Reuben Sturman, publisher of Connection magazine. Other publications that fostered the growth of swinging are here, such as the famous Leidy Lists, Berkeley Barb, Village Voice, Los Angeles Free Press, and little-known Swing. This history, written from a personal perspective, describes the hoops the lifestyle had to jump through due to interference by various government agencies. Famous legal issues include the California Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s illegal actions to drive The Lifestyles Organization out of the state because the ABC officers did not agree with Lifestyles’ philosophy. In short, the ABC did not want swingers to have freedom of expression. There were heroes in the early years, and a couple of not so nice individuals. The role of swing conventions and swing tours in swinging’s growth into the economic powerhouse of today is presented. The Playcouples is, I believe, a story that needs telling.

Comments or personal narratives by readers that may add to this history will be welcome: